Trusted WiFi Networks

Do you want your screen to be automatically securily locked by a PIN/password or another (custom) lock screen of your choice? Do you want your screen to be automatically unlocked when you are connected to a network you trust (for example at your home or at your parents house)? If so, then this app does exactly what you want. It has the ability to use PIN/password lock screens and is compatible with other lock screens like for example: pattern or face lock screens.

If you find issues or having requests, please contact me!


  • Mark the WiFi networks (in environments) you feel safe as "trusted". The app will automatically unlock your screen whenever you are connected to one of those WiFi networks
  • Ability to directly use PIN/password lock screen and compatible with other lock screens

Automatic lock/unlock

Your device is locked/unlocked (only when the current network is trusted) upon switching networks. Note that locking uses the "Automatically lock" setting of your device. Go to the "Security Settings" of your device.

Lock Screens

  1. PIN/password
  2. Custom

PIN/password Lock Screen

Sets a lock screen by using the PIN/password of your choice.
Note: this lock screen should NOT be used when you have full device encryption enabled

Custom Lock Screen

This shows/hides the selected (builtin) lock screen of your device. It is compatible with all kind of lock screens like for example: pattern lock, face lock. Compatible with full device encryption.
Note: You have to manually set a lock screen of your choice. Go to the "Security Settings" of your device.
Note: Custom lock/unlock might not work properly on a few devices. An issue you might encounter is that the screen turns black.


The permissions for this app have been carefully selected and kept at an absolute minimum required level (e.g. to keep your PIN safe and secured on your device):

  • Runs in the background and automatically starts when the device boots
  • View network (e.g. WiFi) connection states. This permission does not allow the app to communicate using the network
  • Set the PIN/password
  • Lock/unlock the screen using the Device Administrator permission


  • The PIN is kept in a secure storage on your device and can only be accessed by the app. The PIN is only used by the app to lock/unlock your screen. Period. The minimum set of permissions do not allow the app to communicate with other apps/systems
  • If you want to remove the app, you first have to disable the administrator permission. This can be done in the settings of the app
  • It is not recommended to change the PIN of your screen outside of the app or select a different lock screen. If you changed the PIN outside the app, you have to put the same PIN in the app
  • If another app applies a password policy (e.g. Exchange Activesync), then Trusted WiFi Networks might not work (properly)

Known issues

  • A very few specific devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S1) incorrectly show that SD card encryption is enabled as a Device Administrator permission. This is device specific and is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the device. So I can not solve this, but to be clear: the app doesn't request this permission and also doesn't need it
  • Android 5.0: when connecting to a trusted network, the lockscreen is not removed when another app has set a policy that specifies that the lockscreen must be protected by a password. The keypad is shown in that case, but you can just press enter on the keypad and it will pass. I am trying to look for a solution.

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